Social & Corporate Responsibility


Ensuring the safety of our team, communities, business partners and the environment, as well as operating secure facilities, is core to our culture and a steadfast commitment. We systemically identify, assess and resolve risks to our safety and business continuity. Our executive team sets goals, provides oversight and drives accountability for HSE across all areas of our business. We also work proactively to maintain compliance with all applicable HSE standards, laws and regulations.


Our people are the heartbeat of Diamondback. We offer our employees comprehensive support for their well-being, including equitable treatment, health, rewards, development and inclusion. We value the perspectives, experiences and ideas contributed by our employees from a diverse range of ethnic, cultural and ideological backgrounds.

The fair, consistent and equitable treatment of our employees is core to how we manage our dedicated workforce. We are proud of how we operate, who we are and the culture we have created. We have zero-tolerance for discrimination and a firm belief in equality. We provide a collaborative environment at Diamondback so that all employees are empowered to participate and are treated with respect. We believe that inclusion is the hallmark of true care and compassion for others and that through inclusion, the workplace is made better, including more deeply embedding the safety mindset and other core tenets of our robust culture of excellence.

Giving Back
to our Communities

Diamondback and our employees value the deep connections we share with our neighbors across the Permian Basin. We support an array of activities and organizations that enhance the quality of life in the communities where we have a social license to operate and across the world.

Engaging with
our Communities

We are committed to working with our communities in partnership to understand our impacts and opportunities to succeed together. We identify and regularly engage with relevant stakeholders including first responders, landowners, and county, city and community leaders.

We have implemented programs to address community concerns such as using sound walls to screen noise and visuals. In certain outlying areas, we engage with groundwater conservation boards to listen and provide feedback. In case of community grievances, at every property we post our phone number to report complaints, which are then logged in our system and investigated.

Trade Associations, Lobbying
and Political Involvement

Our Government Affairs group works closely with various organizations representing the oil and gas industry in Texas and Washington, D.C. to help shape regulatory and public policy decisions that affect Diamondback operations. Diamondback is a member of, and actively participates in, several U.S. based national, state and regional trade associations. These organizations provide a forum to allow Diamondback and other members to focus on issue advocacy and promote best practices in areas of operations, health, safety, environment and sustainability within the oil and gas industry. Below is a list of Diamondback’s current trade association memberships:

  • American Exploration & Production Council (AXPC)
  • American Petroleum Institute (API)
  • Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA)
  • Permian Basin Petroleum Association (PBPA)
  • Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP)
  • Texas Oil and Gas Association (TXOGA)
  • Texas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners Association (TIPRO)